Business Principle

We will evolve our technologies
and continue to have a challenging spirit to create an eco-friendly and affluent society.

Ohizumi MFG was established as an offshoot of Nippon Setten Kenkyusho(Nippon Contact Point)In 1939. The company developed high-performance electrical contacts to meet demand from the navy/air force headquarters.

The company started production of NTC thermistors in 1955, and continues to develop MNR varistors and PTC thermistors to this day.

In the spirit of our guiding motto\Challenge\we work to respond to the latest needs of customers and the market, and to embrace the challenges of leading-edge technical development. We at Ohizumi MFG will continue to provide the best sensor solutions for thermistor temperature sensors, to reinforce the trust that our customers hold in us, and to contribute to the development of society.

Energy conservation and environmental protection are major social challenges of this age. At Ohizumi MFG, we design products to protect the global environment and contribute generously to environmental enrichment. We will continue to boldly take up the challenges of environmental protection in the years to come.

Toshiki Saburi
Company policy:

Ohizumi has taken on the challenge of developing cutting-edge technologies to satisfy market's needs by facing customers' issues in a sincere manner. We will continue to enhance customers' reliability and contribute to social development and preservation of the global environment by providing the best solutions in the field of thermistor temperature sensors.

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