OHIZUMI MFG.’s thermistors, varistors and thermistor temperature sensors are playing an active role
in comprehensive fields of automotive, household appliances and industrial equipment


Varistors / MNR series

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  • ZM series Low voltage general purpose type
  • NS series Mid and high pressure general purpose type
  • MNR (metal oxide non-linear resistor) varistors are ceramic semiconductors with zinc oxide as the primary ingredient.
  • Varistor voltages extensively range from 8 to 1800V.
  • Formed-lead and tape-packaged products are available.
  • Designed to be compliant with the RoHS Directive, they are considerate to environmental hazards.
  • Protection of semiconductors from instantaneous over-voltage
  • Protection from lighting surge induced into wiring and communication lines
  • Protection from on-off surge of relays, etc.
  • Protection of automotive electronic equipment and semiconductors from over-voltage.
  • Other

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